Meet the Team

Sungrazer Studio is an interdisciplinary team of 18 students from Drexel University.

Officially formed in September 2019, the student team came together with a collective mission to create interactive and civically engaged experiences. After various stages of iterative design, Sungrazer Studio decided to move forward and develop Resilience as their senior project.

In addition to conducting research and playtesting, the students consulted with advisors from Drexel’s Game Design, Computer Science, and Political Science departments in order to balance compelling gameplay with respectful and accurate portrayals of real-world situations.

Team Roster

Development Team

Lily Lauben

Executive ProducerLead DesignerProgrammer

Alex Gallegos

Technical DirectorTechnical Artist

Justin Roszko

Programming LeadSystem Administrator

Zachary Perry

Art LeadCreative DirectorGame Writer

Andrew Fairfull

3D ArtistSurfacing Artist

Ashish Patel


Aurora Lane


Ben Greaves

3D ArtistSurfacing ArtistVideo Editor

Chris McCole

Gameplay Programmer

Fiona Lynch

3D ArtistCharacter AnimatorSurfacing Artist

Jake Carfagno

Gameplay Programmer

Jeho Lee

3D ArtistConcept ArtistUI Artist

Sophia Nelson

3D ArtistLighting ArtistTechnical Artist

Tejas Shah

Gameplay Programmer

Tyler Sheehan

Concept ArtistUI ArtistDesigner

Music Industry Team

Julie McLaughlin

Audio Design LeadSoundtrack Composer

Bibhav Pradhan

Audio Designer

Garry Wagner-Robertson

Audio Designer

Project Advisors

Tony A. Rowe

Game Design & Production Advisor

Amelia Hoover-Green

Political Science Advisor

Jeffery Salvage

Computer & Informatics Advisor