Press Kit

About The Team

Sungrazer Studio is an interdisciplinary team of 18 students from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.

Officially formed in September 2019, the student team came together with a collective mission to create interactive and civically engaged experiences. After various stages of iterative design, Sungrazer Studio decided to move forward and develop Resilience as their senior project.

In addition to conducting research and playtesting, the students consulted with advisors from Drexel’s Game Design, Computer Science, and Political Science departments in order to balance compelling gameplay with respectful and accurate portrayals of real-world situations.

About Resilience

Resilience is the studio’s senior capstone project, and has been under continuous development since September 2019.

Resilience is a sci-fi city-builder game for Windows, Mac, and Linux that fosters empathy for displaced peoples and explores how resource distribution impacts wellbeing in refugee camps.

In Resilience, you assume the role of refugee camp manager on a distant moon and are tasked with the livelihood of an alien race fleeing planetary disaster. Confront the day-to-day struggles of camp life and the structural problems of an underfunded aid system.

Resilience was the winner of the Best Student Game award at the 2020 Games for Change Award.

The game can be downloaded and played from

The studio also has a Facebook Page, Twitter Account, and Youtube Channel for anyone interested in following the latest updates.

Contact & Press Inquiries

We are currently working on expanding our brand and social media presence so please stay tuned!

For press, project, or team inquiries please email or directly reach out to one of our team leads:

Lily Lauben, Producer

Zachary Perry, Creative Director

Justin Roszko, Programming Lead

Alex Gallegos, Technical Director

Awards & Accolades

Sungrazer Studio's CCI Team placed 2nd in the Game Category of the Drexel University 2020 College of Computing & Informatics Showcase Competition

Resilience wins the Best Student Game award at the 2020 Games for Change Festival.

Promotional Media

Resilience Debut Trailer

Gameplay footage as of the Silver Pre-Launch Build

Murian refugees gathered in a Housing Tent.
In-game shot of Camp Kiora being built up with various facilities.
In-game display of the Build View tablet UI -- building maintenance is a must when it comes to keeping camp operations running smoothly!
In-game display of the Journal Screen in which players can unlock various facts tied to refugee issues, camps, and aid
Ration Facility 3D Model
Alien refugee speaking animation
In-game shot of the Gran Benthozoa tree which stands at the center of the camp's burial grounds.
In-game shot of the Admin Centre, the main hub of Camp Kiora and entry point for newly arriving refugees.