Call to Action

Resilience was designed to raise awareness, foster compassion, and motivate our players to make a difference in the lives of refugees!

Refugees around the world need our help and there are so many ways you can take that first step. Whether it's through staying informed, giving a contribution, or advocating for political action, we hope that you are encouraged to create a positive impact!

Learn More & Spread the Word

You can help refugees by staying informed on different events around the world. Natural disasters, conflict hotspots, and economic crashes can quickly develop and profoundly affect millions of lives.

We hope that from playing Resilience, you have gained a better understanding of fundamental refugee issues; but our game only scratches the surface!

There are many ways you can keep up to date and continue to learn more:

    • Visit the UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) to learn about current situations under their scope of work
    • Follow trustworthy news sources that report on international events
    • Weigh multiple sources of news and commentary to get various perspectives
    • Engage with other media that depict refugee lives, such as documentaries, literature, games, and art

Lastly, spread awareness by sharing what you have learned with others. Help strengthen the movement to support refugees in need!

"A mass grave for children in Dadaab" by Andy Hall/Oxfam East Africa is licensed under CC 2.0 / cropped

Donate to the Cause

Donations are a vital part of aid organization budgets.

For example, The UNHCR, one of the foremost international organizations for managing refugee aid, is funded almost entirely from voluntary donations.

These contributions are used to provide shelters, food, water, sanitation, medical services, and other supplies as you saw in Resilience. And, they come from governments, companies, charities, and people like you.

You can visit the UNHCR donations page and see how your donations could make a difference.

If you can’t make a monetary donation, there are other ways to make a difference too! Look for partnering charities and drives in your area that may be accepting food, clothes, tools, or other products.

For instance, Doctors Without Borders supports various fundraising efforts from marathons to video game livestreams.

"Providing hygiene kits to families as they return home" by Vicki Francis/DFID is licensed under CC 2.0 / cropped

Vote with your Voice

Political policies directly shape refugee lives.

Like the diplomats within Resilience, the resettlement process is conducted on the terms and laws of the host country. When host countries limit resettlement opportunities, thousands of refugees are left with nowhere to go.

Voting is one of the best ways you can act to protect refugees.

When voting for candidates or legislation on federal, state, or local levels, check their policies affecting refugees. Some key policies to look for include:

  • Don’t support travel bans that limit refugee resettlement on the basis of their nationality or religion
  • Support immigration reform that welcomes more refugees, such as raising the refugee admissions ceiling
  • Support government funding for domestic and international refugee services

If your political candidates don’t represent these views, exercise your voice by signing petitions or calling their offices. Encourage those in power to make positive impacts on the lives of refugees around the world!

"Refugees Welcome Demonstration" by Netavisen_Sameksistens_dk is licensed under Pixabay Open Licence / cropped