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08-31-2020 | An Inside Look into Resilience from Drexel NOW

In the latest article on Drexel Now hear directly from some of the developers and Drexel advisors of Resilience on the process, mission, and planning that went into making the game.

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08-29-2020 | Have an itch to play Resilience?

Well now you can! Resilience is now live and available to download on for free!

07-22-2020 | Interview with Philly

This week, several team members had the opportunity to interview with Michael Butler of on the development process of Resilience specifically focused around the inspirations and goals of the game. If you have chance, you should check out this awesome article!

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07-15-2020 | LIVE Booth at G4C 2020

Come swing by and say 'hi' at our virtual booth this Wednesday from 11 am - 12pm in the Games for Change Expo!

We'll be playing Resilience and discussing some insight into our development and design goals. Make sure you're registered to view the event ;)

See you there! Expo Link:

07-14-2020 | Resilience wins Best Student Game Award at G4C 2020

Sungrazer Studio's Resilience wins Best Student Game at the 2020 Games for Change Awards.

Resilience was nominated as a finalist alongside three other fantastic student games, Apollo, Gamer Girl, and Plasticity back in June.

At tonight's award ceremony, Resilience went onto earn the distinction of Best Student Game and represent Drexel University at the competition.

The team is truly honored to have their hard work highlighted and a platform to help spread their message and raise awareness about global refugee issues.

07-07-2020 | Countdown to Games for Change

The Games for Change 2020 Festival and Award Ceremony are just one week away!

We are so honored to be a part of the competition this year and are chomping at the bit to hear the results! Hope you'll all tune into the virtual event with us next week!

The award ceremony will be held on July 14th from 7:30 - 8:15pm (EST).

Registration to watch the event is free:

Also, be on the lookout for some upcoming "behind the scenes" looks into the production of Resilience. Until then, stay safe and take care!

06-25-2020 | Resilience Coverage on THV11

In exciting news, one of our very own teammates, Sophia Nelson, had the opportunity to interview with a reporter from THV11 and discuss the mission and some of the development and designs behind Resilience. Go Sophia!!

You can read and watch the full interview here.

06-11-2020 | Resilience at Games for Change 2020

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Resilience has been selected as a finalist for the Best Student Game at the Games for Change 2020 Festival! See more on the Games for Change site:

Join us at the Games for Change virtual event July 14 - 16th for the announcement of the winner.

Registration is free . We hope to see you there!

On behalf of Sungrazer Studio, thank you to all of our advisors, peers, playtesters, friends, and family for your continuous encouragement and support over the last year! It has been an incredible journey developing Resilience and we are so humbled and excited to have this opportunity!