Special Announcement: Resilience will be at the Games for Change 2020 Festival! Read more on our News Page.

A Game With a Mission

Resilience is a socially conscious city builder game that aims to educate players about refugees around the world. Players assume the role of a refugee camp manager and grapple with the day-to-day struggles of camp life and the structural problems of international aid systems.

Watch the debut trailer of Resilience on YouTube!

Play Resilience

We are currently working on our gold and launch builds of the game and are looking to get feedback on areas we can polish visuals, functionality, and the overall experience.

To install the game, choose one of the following links.

06-03-2020 Gold Build:

Once you have clicked one of the links and your download is complete, you may need to extract the files from the zip. Once unzipped, the executable/application file can be clicked to launch the game.

Share your Feedback

After playing, we would really appreciate your feedback by filling out our playtest survey. Your responses will help us continue to improve the Resilience experience!

Gold Build Survey: Take the Survey